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Colorful murals, rustic wooden trim and white pineapple chandeliers hanging from the ceiling adorn this bar-restaurant. Casual fare that gives prominence to local ingredients…

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This ancient Clarist dining room is home to the award-winning restaurant 1621. Ranked as one of the top 5 restaurants in Colombia, 1621 is…

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Alma Bar

Alma Bar is the perfect place to start your evening: expert barmen use exotic fruits and the best liquors to create memorable experiences, and…

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Ábaco Libros Y Café

This enchanting corner in Cartagena’s historic center is filled with art, literature and the sweet smell of freshly brewed ‘tinto’. The dream of its…

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Loto del Sur

Rediscover the exuberance and riches of the American continent with their refined line of personal care treatments based on botanicals. After selecting the best…

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Gabi Arenas

One of the best-known designers of leather items and accessories, ‘cartagenera’ Gabi Arenas has been leaving her mark on the fashion world for over…

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Café de la Mañana


The diversity of shops, restaurants and cafés in Cartagena is truly awe-inspiring, with every day seeing a healthy dose of new offerings and brands…

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Society Bar

Openings in Cartagena

Every day, La Heroica’s social, culinary, commercial and cultural worlds gain more strength with the city’s colonial houses, Republic-era buildings and modern constructions opening…

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