Cartagena openings and news

Cartagena awaits you with a new boutique hotel and a designer shop with authentic style.


Amarla Cartagena

The inauguration cocktails for the new Amarla Cartagena hotel took place on February 13 with aerial acrobatics, music and dancing topped off by an exquisite tasting of coffees and cigars.

The founders of Amarla, Robin Faulkner and Asher Warr, described it as “the sensation that captivates travelers from the first moment they cross the threshold, as they enter this beautiful mansion with its thick stone walls.”

Located in a 17 th  century mansion in the heart of the colonial streets, Amarla offers the charm of both the old and new world, with all the modern amenities on hand to enjoy its six rooms, pool, bar, lounge and terrace.

We invite you to think about Amarla the next time you visit Cartagena. It’s the kind of place that makes you feel at home, with its concierge service and a variety of experiences to help you discover the magic of the city, its people, its culture and the immense richness of its surroundings.

Centro, Calle de Ayos, No. 4-29
+57 5 675 5832 / +57 313 280 8956

Claudia Akel

Claudia Akel presents unique and creative pieces that emphasize ethnic roots and essences. This Cartagena artist and designer takes mochilas – traditional bags – from different Colombian indigenous communities such as the Kogi, Wayuu, Arhuaco and Yukpa, among others. She is trying to rescue and preserve the different weaving techniques and traditional designs, which form an essential aspect of these communities.

Each of her creations is authentic, delicately crafted and individually decorated by hand. On top of which, they are inspired by different moments and different sensations, which give life to each one-off and unrepeatable accessory.

More than accessories to last a lifetime, these are works of art that tell pure, natural and beautiful stories.

Centro, Casa Cochera del Hobo No. 38-26
+57 300 383 4711