Built around 1630 by governor Francisco de Murga to defend the city from enemy attacks, this is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular settings inside the city walls. A homage to the city’s history, it imbibes visitors with magic realism and entrances them with stunning sunsets and Cartagenero nights under the stars. This exceptional place offers live music, delicious cocktails and a menu filled with Colombian fare. There is also a team of experts on hand to help create unforgettable event experiences. You can celebrate your special occasion safe in the knowledge that they will take care of every detail and ensure everything is of the highest quality.

Recommended dish:
Coctel de camarón en salsa de la casa $26.000

Centro,  Calle San Juan de Dios, frente a la Plaza de Santa Teresa
(+57 5) 664 2425   (+57) 317 509 8739 / 318 530 8802

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