Fusing the best of Caribbean flavor with the traditions and avant-garde expressions of Cartagena, this place is adorned with colorful images, trinkets and phrases that define daily life and the local market. Residents and foreigners alike feast upon the Caribbean cuisine such as the Jet-setmaní breaded seafood platter, which goes hand in hand with a delicious Machacao, the famed cocktail invented by Bazurto’s owners. Once you’re fuelled, prepare to dance salsa, champeta and cumbia, with the help of the in-house band. You can’t visit Cartagena without stopping in on the world-famous “World Heritage Party”.

Recommended dish:
ChampetesBURGER (200 gr) 

Getsemaní, Avenida del Centenario, Carrera 9 No. 30-42
(+57 5) 664 3124    (+57) 317 648 1183