This lusciously red native Caribbean fruit is a bit too bitter to try on its own, but prepared as a sorbet, juice or cocktail, it’s a flavorful delight. Not only very refreshing, it is full of vitamins and nutrients – try it!

Ice Cream
When in season, corozo sorbet is prepared artisanal-style in order to preserve all its nutritive goodness and exotic bittersweet flavor similar to that of mora and Jamaica flower. Gelateria Paradisio’s is not to be missed.

Bursting with vitamin C and full of antioxidants, add ice to beat the heat by sipping a richly red corozo juice, delicious to the very last drop. Order one at Juan del Mar – and, you’ll be going back for seconds, for sure.

A hint of lime, vodka, sugar and crushed ice are the key ingredients to making an irresistibly delicious corozo cocktail, to be enjoyed by day or by night. The ‘Fusion’ on the menu at the Tcherassi hotel’s restaurant, Vera, is the perfect corozo accompaniment to every dish.