Emerald Center

With 42 years of tradition in Cartagena, this renowned jeweler offers you the perfect gift for any occasion you are celebrating.

We offer you a portfolio to suit to your tastes and those of your partner, in which you can find jewelry made of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds; made with 18K gold and rhodium plated silver. You will also find accessories made with filigree, a goldsmith technique that involves making jewelry using fine threads of gold and silver, as well as other gold-plated jewelry with Swarovski crystals. The best part is that each piece is handmade by proud Colombian artisans.

In addition, the Emerald Center offers the best personalized service and a warm atmosphere thanks to its luxury care.

Centro, Calle de la Damas, Esquina San Pedro Claver No. 3-126. Local 2
+57 5 664 5957
El Laguito, Parque Comercial Pierino Gallo, Local 1-20
+57 5 665 0248 / 655 2253