Tropical gastronomy

Cartagena is a melting pot of cultures and this shines through in its cuisine. Dig into a soup made with slow-cooked pork ribs, creole chicken, pigeon peas, yucca and green plantain, better known as pigeon pea sancocho. Or sample the iconic mote de queso (made with yucca and fried tomatoes and onions), both of which go perfectly alongside a traditional coconut rice and fried plantain.

Be sure to try the Cartagena flank steak or fried red snapper for your chance to delight in the flavors of the Caribbean. Grab yourself a carimañola or the famous arepa de huevo; and boiled corn or coconut roll wrapped in plantain leaves, to accompany your lunch or Colombian coffee.

Give in to your sweet tooth with tamarind balls or enyucado (cassava cake). Or try the local fruit juices for a more refreshing sugar hit – try corozo, níspero or zapote.