Ten years ago, a group of young entrepreneurs fulfilled their dream of launching Lure City Guide to showcase Colombia’s glorious tourist attractions. Today, we’ve published more than 170,000 luxury guides, reaching more than 1’200.000 readers. With two key locations – Bogotá and Cartagena -, Lure Media has positioned itself as the go-to reference for the best of the best in food, culture, hotels, shopping, rumba and more.

Lure City Guide is compiled by a group of people who are passionate about their work and are clearly devoted to editorial excellence, with a commitment to improving day-to-day print and enriching online visibility. We hope to have presence in other cities in Colombia very shortly- and, someday soon, all around the globe…

Director – Boris Kruijssen
Gerente Editorial – Patricia Valderrama
Directora Administrativa y Financiera – Laurent Villa
Ejecutiva de Cuentas – Carolina Berastegui
Coordinador de Producción y Diseñador – Nathalia Chacón, Nohora Calderón
Gerente de Alianzas Estratégicas y Cuentas Claves – Ximena Moncaleano
Reacción y Corrección de Estilo – María Carolina Riaño
Community Manager – Lorena Suárez
Escritora – Carolina Riaño
Traductor – Azzam Alkadhi
Editora de Inglés – Katie Dönszelmann
Fotógrafa – Valentina Otazua
Asistente Administrativa Cartagena – Sindy Romero
Asistente Administrativa – Alejandra Molina
Asistente Comercial – Elizabeth Molina

Fotografía de portada: Calle del Candilejo, Centro Histórico
Foto por: Valentina Otazua