• atardecer-en-la-muralla-de-Cartagena

    Cartagena: the perfect host

    Encircled by age-old walls, Cartagena is a city dotted with mansions, plazas, monuments and terraces in colonial-style architecture, filling the air with charm and mystique. Referred to by some as ‘ ...

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    BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Castillo de San Felipe known as the “great protectorate of the city”, this majestic fortress of mysterious tunnels and cannons was built in the 1600s to defend the city from atta ...

  • Cartagena Escenario de Eventos


    Cartagena is quite the host of a wide range of events on a social, academic, business and governmental level. The array of venues, warm weather, accessibility and infrastructure mean that any type o ...

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    Islas del Rosario

    Crystal clear water in a myriad of hues of blue, pure white sand, five-star hotels and the opportunity to dive into the deep sea… Travel 1 hour (35 km) southeast by boat from Cartagena to come f ...

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    Fundación La Vecina

    Nathalie Rietman left the Netherlands 6,5 years ago to make a difference in the lives of the marginalized children of Cartagena. She became a ‘friendly neighbor’ in La Boquilla, and by strengtheni ...

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    If you’re pressed for time but want to discover some of the best spots while in Cartagena, follow lure’s top tour of places to see and things to do in each of the most popular areas and tucked awa ...



Among the colonial ambience (with French flair) at 1621 restaurant in Sofitel Legend Santa Clara, the culinary tradition of the Old World blends flawlessly with ingredients from the New to create a multisensory experience, conquering thepalates of even the most knowledgeable connoisseurs. In addition to its extensive a-la-carte selection, there is the menu découverte with thematic dishes suchas ‘the flavors […]


This Argentine restaurant and bar serves the most tender and juicy steaks, the finest of seafood off the grill, and their spit-roasted pig is the most succulent you’ll have sampled. Indulge in a good glass of wine to accompany the unique flavors while enjoying the live music. For those wondering the definition of the word, ‘Quebracho’ is the type of […]

Hotel Monterrey

With its advantageous location, this 3-storey 18th century mansion is but a few steps away from the Convention Center. Its 30 guestrooms, using Spanish colonial era wrought iron detailing, come very affordably and with all the necessary amenities to be guaranteed a comfortable stay. A fusion of French and Colombian food is served at in-house restaurant, Brasserie Montaigne, and its […]

La Perla

Chef Carlos Accinelli’s Peruvian-influenced cuisine is dedicated to fine dining, as freshness and quality is ensured in each of his dishes. Among the romantic ochre-and-cream-toned setting, sample the grilled octopus, roasted suckling pig, sirloin stir-fry and a mouth-watering array of tiraditos and ceviches. The modest prices allow you to try all of everything, including the perfect martini à la La […]


Come to feel the full magic of this place and sit to watch the sun set over town in good company and great food. Its age-old tradition is evident in its kitchen where multicultural flavors come together in each dish. There’s seafood in full splendor and a wide range of drinks that can be enjoyed on the balcony overlooking the […]

Gelateria Paradiso

Enter this European-style ‘gelato boutique’ and you will immediately be enchanted and taken away by the charming décor, its showcase of colors and exotic flavors…indulging in their ice cream is a new, delicious and refreshing experience at this paradiso. Only 100% natural ingredients are used and the gelato is prepared using artisanal techniques, right on-site, the traditional Italian way. Among […]


You will be enchanted by the heavenly, classic Peruvian cuisine that uses old secret family recipes. Brujas– meaning ‘witches’ in Spanish – will cast you under its spell with their aromas and flavors, starting with a seafood sampler; and then marvels such as crayfish soup, sirloin stir-fry, chicken à la ají, and pork confit. No Peruvian gastronomical experience is complete […]


The essence and flavors of a city can be captured through the colors, aroma,magic, land, citizens and numerous sensations associated with a close-knit community. With its live dancing and authentic menu, Candé is a restaurant that offers culture, music and tradition – night after night – through cuisine, colonial architecture and warm service, offering a new way to see (an […]

Tropical Juices

There are exotic fruits aplenty in this paradise and a plethora of ways in which they can be sampled. You will be yearning for refreshment in the Caribbean sun, so a cooling glass of tropical juice is unquestionably the most ‘fruitful’ way to quench your thirst. CHICHA MORADA Chicha morada, a.k.a. purple corn, can also be consumed in liquid form. […]


Authentic Argentine cuisine in an authentic Argentine ambience;meat, wine, tango, photos of the country’s most famous faces, and eclectic décor abound. In owner Gustavo Marzola’s kitchen, each dish is prepared “with expertise and love”. Don’t miss the (melting) provoletacheese, roasted peppers, chorizo beef and other prime cuts; and for the perfect finish, order the delicious dulce de leche pancakes. Calle […]

El Burlador de Sevilla

Everything on the menu, inspired by Spanish cuisine, is wellaccompanied by an exquisite glass of sangria and the beat of live flamenco every night, evoking the tradition and charm of its country of origin. In addition to the variety of paellas at this cozy bar-restaurant, enjoy exquisite dishes such as squid ink rice, fideua, suckling pig, and other creations that […]


This modern steak house offers American-style beef cuts among a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Lovers of good wine and meat will be in paradise when they see all that is served; sirloin slow-cooked in Malbec for 8 hours, Señor Toro’s hamburger made of artisanal meat, sweet peppers, Spanish chorizo, gruyere cheese, cherry tomatoes, or a juicy 650 gram steak… What […]

Perú Fusión

For incredible Nikkei cuisine, the East-meets-West medley of Peruvian and Japanese, Perú Fusión is where you will find irresistibleand very affordable rice, ceviche, tiraditos, fish, causas, and seafood off the grill. Their frequently-updated menu also consists of hand rolls and makis; order a few dishes to share and havethe pleasure of experiencing new – and delicious – flavors. Calle Ayos […]

Perú Mar

The signature flavors, aromas and textures of ever-popular Peruviancuisine have satisfied the most knowledgeable palates of the world,but what really separates one restaurant from the other is the care and feeling that a native expert puts into the creation of each dish. And that is what makes the difference at Perú Mar: a Peruvian at the helm,preparing every dish with […]


Welcome to the modern and commercial area of Cartagena where you will find famous hotels such as the Hilton, Capilla del Mar, Caribe and Almirante, as well as the exclusive Castillogrande and El Laguito residential neighborhoods. Stroll down Avenida San Martin for brand name boutiques, casinos, restaurants and a cup of Colombian coffee; or, hit the most popular beach of […]