Colorful and airy, Cartagena’s large Andalusian-style houses are characterized by their open patios and beautiful balconies. Admire endless flowerpots and window boxes bursting with bougainvillea, geraniums, ferns, and climbing plants.

Quaint streets play host to hats, bags and jewelry, lovingly crafted by Colombia’s most talented artisans, so that you can take home a truly memorable and special souvenir.

The San Pedro Claver square is home to the imposing church and a number of stores; enjoy the nighttime ambience of Plaza Santo Domingo; and gaze upon the statue of Cartagena’s founder, Pedro de Heredia, in the Plaza de los Coches.

Pay a visit to St. Dom and the fashion houses of Silvia Tcherassi, Hernán Zajar, Ketty Tinoco and Francesca Miranda, and get up close and personal with what some of Colombia’s best designers have on offer.

There is no end to the number of idyllic backdrops for a photo of a ‘cartagenero’ sunset. Take your pick from ancient walls, stone bastions, beautiful terraces and hotel rooftops, and while away the afternoon in the cool Caribbean sea breeze.

Delve into the center’s culture and get to know it intimately, starting out at the clock tower and passing by a wealth of monuments, museums and churches, before ending your tour with a breathtaking sunset over the city walls.