Luxury shopping

Cartagena offers you the opportunity to enjoy a shopping spree in the city’s most exclusive stores and boutiques. Stop in on Malva, the department store in La Serrezuela mall, and pick up something truly original and innovative. In addition, you’ll find a range of accessories, art, home decor, jewelry, leather goods and furniture.

You can also marvel at the leather creations on offer at Sabandija, as well as Aja Company’s delicately crafted pieces, or Blush-Bar and Loto del Sur’s beauty and personal care brands. Make a beeline for OndadeMar or Touché if you’re on the hunt for sportswear, pajamas, lingerie, bathing suits or beachwear, while you can find something fashionable for your closet at Bimba y Lola. Don’t miss the beautiful shoes, bags and accessories on sale at Wonder for People, Verdi and Mapliano, created to celebrate the country’s cultural riches, or the handicrafts made by indigenous communities and local artisans at the iconic Artesanías de Colombia.

Fashion boutiques Agua de León, Azulu, St. Dom, Casa Chiqui, Soloio, Martín Pescador and Edgar Gómez Estévez are well worth a visit, as are the designer stores belonging to Silvia Tcherassi, Claudia Akel, Giovanna Maroso and Goretty Medina.