Build a better future for everyone

The unique time that we are living in gives us the perfect opportunity to support each other and make our contribution to building a more prosperous society.

During this quarantine, the Pescador de Letras Foundation, set up by Lure Media, is firm in its commitment to educating children and guaranteeing everyone’s wellbeing and health. That’s why it has made the necessary adaptations to be able to continue its administrative and educational duties remotely.

Every day, more than 120 pre-school and primary school children from Cartagena’s La Boquilla neighborhood will carry on their formal and values education, thanks to study programs designed to be carried out at home. Using exercises which promote autonomous study and multimedia tools including videos, the students will keep learning alongside their parents, and with continued advice from their teachers.

Remember that you can be a part of this great cause by making a donation. Together we will build a more just and equal society for everyone.

Bancolombia savings account No. 787-807984-58
Contact: Alexandra Spicker (+57) 317 657 9913
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