Cartagena openings and news

Enjoy themed cooking classes, sample a gastronomic delight where Caribbean matrons are the protagonists, try the most internationally-acclaimed ceviche and find out more about two new boutique hotels.

El Boliche Cebichería

With room for just 25 diners, this small and traditional cevicheria in Calle Cochera del Hobo at the corner, hides within it one of Cartagena’s best-kept culinary secrets, which is now gaining plenty of international critical acclaim.

Whether visiting for lunch or dinner, you are guaranteed to enjoy traditional ceviche recipes, made using fresh fish or seafood.

Be sure to try the coconut ceviche, the corn texture ceviche and the “biche packet”.

Chef Óscar Colmenares, who learned the art of cooking under great Spanish chef Martín Berástegui, has dedicated himself to supporting sustainable fishing in Cartagena, to bring out the best of the flavors of these “captured treasures”.

The result is a variety of fresh, simple ceviches, with a special touch, which go perfectly with local beers or exclusive cocktails, offering you a fantastic culinary experience.

El Boliche is open Monday through Saturday, from midday to 3:00 p.m. and from 7:00 p.m. to 11 p.m.; closed Sundays.

Centro Histórico, San Diego, Calle Cochera del Hobo No.  38-17

(+57 5) 660 0074 / (+57) 310 368 7908



Hotel Casa La Factoría and Candelaria Nikkei restaurant

Located on the Calle de la Factoría in the Historic Center, the old Casa Barroso building has been carefully restored to give life to one of the most stunning boutique hotels you’ll ever see: Casa La Factoría By Faranda Boutique.

The hotel is ready to welcome you to one of its 28 gorgeous rooms, as well as the lobby bar, spa, sauna and steam room, loft terrace, viewpoint and indoor swimming pool.

If you visit Casa La Factoría, be sure to stop by for lunch or dinner in the restaurant, Candelaria, which serves up Nikkei cuisine – the result of a cultural and gastronomic fusion that took place when Japanese immigrants arrived in Peru, giving birth to a delicious mix of flavors, techniques and traditions of two of the world’s most influential culinary cultures.

Centro Histórico, Calle de la Factoría, Carrera 3 No. 36-13



Caribbean matrons prepare your food at La Picúa restaurant

‘La picúa’ is the name given by artisanal fishermen to the barracuda, considered one of the Caribbean Sea’s fiercest fish.

And that is what you can expect at La Picúa, a ‘fierce’ culinary offering, with the restaurant serving up the flavors of the best, freshest fish and seafood from towns and villages near Cartagena.

Slow-cooked seafood stews, cooked over firewood, will take you back in time as you enjoy the ancestral flavors passed down through the generations to the Caribbean women who carefully prepare each one of the dishes. Or take your senses on a trip out to the islands with a delicious, fresh fish.

Enjoy an authentic and delicious culinary experience in a welcoming setting which radiates a love for fishing, art and Caribbean culture.

Centro Histórico, Calle Estanco del Aguardiente No. 5-74

(+57 5) 679 8663



Casona del Colegio, the luxury boutique hotel that pays homage to Colombia

Entrenched among ancient walls, bastions and fashionable restaurants, cafés and bars, sits a work of sustainable design, inspired by Colombia, put together by Colombian hands and bathed in Colombian art.

Casona del Colegio is an exquisite luxury boutique hotel, ideal for business trips and couple’s vacations.

The hotel’s design is inspired by the immense biodiversity and cultural diversity that make Colombia so special, with a fusion of materials, shapes, aromas and textures making up the unique style of the accommodation on offer.

To create this stunning space, Colombia’s best artisans infused every corner with natural materials, capturing the essence of the country with representations of flowers, animals and cultural allusions to more than 100 rural and urban tribes.

This new concept in Cartagena’s hospitality industry is made up of 13 unique, stunning and comfortable rooms, decorated in style.

Make your reservation online and get acquainted with Casona del Colegio. As well as guaranteeing you a quiet, relaxing and intimate setting, the hotel is also sure to offer you an unforgettable stay, thanks to its luxury amenities and delicious restaurant, Costa, which specializes in serving up dishes from Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

Centro Histórico, Calle del Colegio, Carerra 6 No. 34-82

(+57) 310 637 6061


EMEkitchen, fun and innovative themed cooking classes

Cartagena’s latest culinary space goes well beyond a simple dinner venue – here you can cook, eat, celebrate and share a bottle of good wine with friends in a relaxed and informal setting.

Set in the Solar restaurant, EMEkitchen offers courses at dinner time and interactive workshops in food from all over the world, from Japanese (sushi), Thai, Chinese and Peruvian to Spanish, Mexican, Italian, Belgian, French and Arabic.

Each workshop will teach you how to prepare a starter, main course and dessert and includes a glass of wine or your chosen cocktail; EMEkitchen will provide you with all the necessary ingredients and utensils to cook up a storm, with the constant advice and support of a professional chef. The rest is up to you.

The best part is the reward: you get to enjoy each of the dishes you prepare and share your thoughts in good company.

You can also plan a special celebration or cooking party here. If the kids are food lovers, then they will be thrilled with the children’s cooking classes, which teach basic techniques and healthy food practices.


Getsemaní, Plaza de la Trinidad, Calle de la Sierpe No. 9A-32

(+57 5) 679 2704 / (+57) 322 613 8473