Coastal characters

The most beautiful thing in Cartagena is, without a doubt, the people and all the things they do -day by day- to keep it a joyful, colorful and authentic city. Getting to know its history and creating bonds with local people helps us understand the magic realism that Gabriel García Márquez immortalized.

These colorfully-dressed and jovial women roam Cartagena, delicately balancing exotic Caribbean fruit on their heads. They originally come from San Basilio de Palenque, a town best known for bringing an end to slavery.

A classic scene from the Caribbean coast is that of a group of friends playing chess on a street corner or in the city’s convenience stores. Here, chess is a way to live and socialize.

The tropic’s greatest delicacy is its range of fruits. You can try them all on every street corner in Cartagena, giving you a welcome, tasty and fresh break from the Caribbean heat.

Their exquisite creations are part of the walled city’s landscape. As you walk the streets you will see a wide range of bags, necklaces, baskets and paintings, all created by Cartagena’s artisans.

Tenazas beach is where you can watch the fishermen on their canoes with nylon, hooks and a coolbox filled with bait. To avoid the baking heat, they tend to head out at dawn or as night falls.