New Year Plans in Cartagena

The countdown to the New Year is upon us and here are some of the best ways to celebrate in hotels, bars and restaurants, with a glass of bubbly in your hand, a delicious dinner and wild parties for you to dance until the sun comes up in 2018. 


The New Year buffet includes a glass of wine, turkey, pork leg, salad, all the trimmings, desserts, custard, grapes and champagne, as well as vegetarian options. Enjoy a magical night in Barú with live music to accompany your meal.

Adults: $150,000
Children: $50,000
(+57) 312 283 2098 / 314 506 6514


Business as usual, without reservations, without a special dinner, without pretense… A great place for an incredible night out.

(+57 5) 660 4226


A special dinner to ring in 2018, “a year for dreaming”, including a midnight toast, grapes, gift bag, a party and live music on the Urania rooftop bar.

Price: $535,500 per person
(+57 5) 651 7007


“From St. Tropez to Cartagena, a White Night” is the theme of this New Year’s Eve party, with live shows and Cuban music, and the arrival of 2018 greeted with one of the city’s best fireworks displays, grapes and toasts. The party, which takes place in the Salón Santa Clara, involves artists such as Orquesta SHEKERE, Son del Wachy & Nelson Gómez.

Adults: $1,200,000
Children: $600,000
(+57 5) 650 4700


“White & Bright Party 2018”

A three-course dinner, welcome cocktail, appetizers, a tropical music band, Cuban son music, a vallenato group and a DJ, as well as a midnight toast, gift bag, late night soup and dawn snacks.

Adults: $650,000
Children: $400,000
(Bookings for four people include 1 bottle of Chivas Regal 12 years)
(Bookings for six people include 1 ½ bottles of Chivas Regal 12 years)
(+57 5) 6517400 / (+57) 321 727 9856


A New Year dinner, masquerade party and live music around the swimming pool, from 9:00 pm onwards. Music comes from Orquesta de Pacho Galán, Big Bang, Grupo Musical Javi y su banda, as well as a ‘crazy hour’ with a DJ. There is also a babysitting service available.

Adults: $519,000
Children from 6 to 11: $179,000
Children under 5: Free.
(+57 5) 650 1160 / (+57) 320 715 086 / 320 565 2754
Call Center: 01 8000 181363
WhatsApp: (+57) 311 738 9988


Enjoy a five-course menu designed by chef Heberto Eljach, as well as a glass of bubbly, midnight grapes and a gift bag, all accompanied by music from Son Latino’s.

Adults: $750,000
Children: $220,000
(+57 5) 681 0000


A buffet dinner from 8:00 to 10:00 pm, with background music, a crossover music DJ, glass of champagne, gift bags, grapes and ‘crazy hour’ on the terrace. At 2:00am you will be delighted by soup and fried foods. There is also an area for children between 5 and 8 years of age.

Adults: $620,000
Children from 2 to 8: $230,000
(+ 57 5) 642 4100


The New Year’s Eve party kicks off at 8:00 pm with a seven-course meal in one of the 10th floor’s event halls, accompanied by live music from special guests Proyecto Caribe. After dinner, guests will make their way up to the swimming pool on the 12th floor to enjoy delicious cocktails from mixologist Kamila Pérez, live music, DJ, gift bags and many more surprises.

Adults: $660,000
Children from 6 to 12: $300,000
Children under 5: Free
(+57 5) 693 1338


See out the year with a massive party across the building’s three floors, with Colombian and international DJs, fireworks on the rooftop, and a whole host of surprises.

Get your tickets at
* Party + Open Bar: $600,000 COP/ 200 USD
* Party: $150,000 COP / 50 USD
* Dinner & Party: $450,000 COP / 150 USD


Ring in the New Year with a magical Cartagena night on the beach, with live music, a DJ, an international buffet, fireworks, gift bags, a playroom for children and a midnight soup to keep you on your feet.

Adults: $539,000
Children from 5 to 11: $290,000
(+57 5) 694 8000, extension 1159 – 1160


From 8:00 pm on the beach in front of the Hotel Las Américas Cartagena you can enjoy a party, grapes, fireworks display and musical stars such as Andy Montañez and Jorge Celedón. There is also a pajama party for children under 10.

Zona VIP

  • Exclusive buffet.
  • Dawn snacks.
  • Exclusive location near the stage.

Table for 8 to 10 people: $13,090,000
Cost per person: $1,309,000

Zona Diamante

Exclusive buffet.

  • Dawn snacks.
  • Location near the stage, behind the VIP area

Table for 8 to 10 people: $12,490,000
Cost per person: $1,249,000

Zona Platino

  • Special buffet
  • Location behind the Diamante area.
  • Table arrangements according to the client’s reservation.

Adults: $940,000
Children from 9 to 12: $381,000
(+57 5) 693 0592


Kicking off at 7:30 pm, the “Circus Night” party on the 21st floor includes welcome appetizers, a buffet dinner, late night soup, gift bags, grapes for making wishes and raffles. Enjoy music from Sexteto Musical, a DJ and a vallenato band. Children can enjoy a kids’ menu, gifts and children’s entertainment.

Adults: $320,000
Children from 4 to 11: $135,000
(+57 5) 650 1500, Ext. 237, 238
(+57) 314 589 3075 / 312 681 1833


Celebrate at the most beautiful and emblematic location on the historic center’s ancient walls. The night includes a buffet dinner, welcome cocktail, wine, soft drinks or water with your meal, champagne, fireworks and a souvenir. There will also be a DJ and live music from Alfredito de la Fe and the Caribbean energy of Champetesburgo.

Cost: $900,000 per person
(+ 57) 317 509 8739/ 317 665 0830


An all-night party including a welcome cocktail, buffet dinner, late night soup and fried foods, glass of champagne for the toast, grapes, half a bottle of whiskey per person, a jazz band, live music from Alquimia, a DJ, fireworks and gift bags. Dress Code: Gatsby.

Adults: $980,000
Children up to the age of 12: $350,000
(+57) 314 214 2184


The adult’s dinner includes three courses and a bottle of wine or bubbly for every two people. The kids’ menu comes with a main course and dessert, as well as two non-alcoholic drinks.

Adults: $290,000
Children: $120,000
(+57 5) 664 9771


The adult’s dinner includes three courses and a bottle of wine or bubbly for every two people. The kids’ menu comes with a main course and dessert, as well as two non-alcoholic drinks.

Adults: $260,000
Children: $90,000
(+57 5) 664 9771


Welcome in the New Year and marvel at one of Cartagena’s most spectacular views. From 9:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m. there will be a DJ and live music from Luis K de León, as well as a Mediterranean tapas buffet, midnight champagne, gift bags and late night soup.

Adults: $649,000
Children: $250,000
(+57 5) 660 0133, Ext. 809


The starter for the New Year’s Eve dinner is a seafood ceviche and green mango ceviche; the main course will be pork leg in passion fruit sauce, coconut rice, green salad with fruit and a coriander vinaigrette; dessert is carrot cake. The meal comes with a glass of red wine and champagne, accompanied by live music and gift bags.

Price: $180,000 per person
(+57 5) 664 3467 / (+57) 310 707 1720