Santa María del Mar

An authentically Caribbean and truly Cartagenero setting, this is the ideal place to enjoy the stunning walled city. Serving the best in local cuisine with a gourmet touch, it has pleasant music and a delightful ambience. Fresh fish right from the city’s shores, tropical cocktails and large, flavorful prawns are joined on the menu by ceviches, typical Cartagena delicacies and creole sharing platters, all of which boast the exclusive seal of the restaurant’s owner, Lety Moreno. There’s also an antiques shop where you can pick up a range of valuable items to take home as souvenirs.

Recommended dish:
Mariscos Santa María  $150.000

Centro, Museo Naval del Caribe
(+57 5) 664 3467  (+57) 310 707 1720

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